email: to get more information... is an innovative web start-up company connecting sellers with dealers.  Sellers can post a car, get multiple offers, and choose which offer to accept.  It makes car selling simple.

We offer remarketing solutions for a variety of businesses.  Our corporate remarketing programs can be tailored to your company’s needs.  The benefits are simple, you can skip the traditional methods of remarketing while saving time and money.  Our platform allows you not only to customize it to your needs but to skip the auction and go directly to the dealer at no cost.  There is no cost for selling.  

Some examples of how companies use

Banks, Finance Companies, & Repossession Companies - Skip the auction and sell directly to the dealer.  No need to pay transportation costs or incur auction reconditioning fees.  List vehicles from anywhere with any mobile device and get offers from a wide range of dealers in the area.  You can have dealers come to you and pick up the vehicles.   

Rental Car Companies &  Fleet Management Companies - With any mobile device we connect your fleet with multiple dealerships all over the U.S.  All you have to do is take 15 minutes with each vehicle and the offers roll in.  No cost to transport, no cost to advertise, and never a hassle hoping to retail your fleet.  

General Businesses - Whether your company has 1 or 1000 vehicles, 15 minutes is all it takes to list a car.  There is no commitment to sell.   Avoid the hassles of advertising on Craigslist or selling your company cars to brokers like CarMax.  Most cars purchased in wholesale transactions by dealerships go to auction. is direct to the dealer so you get top dollar and avoid those low ball offers.  You get the highest and best offers from our dealer network.

Leasing Companies & Manufacturers -  We can white label our platform for your company.  So if you are a manufacturer or a leasing company when a vehicle is grounded consider it sold on our platform.  Our remarketing solutions can have your off lease vehicles sold before they are even grounded.   Save money by not having to transport your vehicles, paying for reconditioning, and incurring auction fees, we can white label to your dealer network and skip the traditional remarketing process. Email to find out how you can white label our platform.

Insurance Companies - Similar to leasing companies and manufacturers we have the ability to white label our platform for your specific needs.  As an insurance company, you can have your adjusters, body shops, or tow yards use “your” platform to list vehicles which we will send out to a dealer network specializing in such vehicles.   When the offers come in the dealers/brokers can pick up directly from the vehicle's location, saving you money.  Email to find out how you can white label our platform.

Dealerships - Get immediate offers for your trade-in and wholesale units.  Get buy figures within minutes.  When appraising a trade-in, take 15 minutes to list the vehicle on  No more calling around or having on-site wholesalers.  No auction fees.  Remarket your wholesale inventory on with no sell fees.

Government Agencies -  No need to host your own auction.  Get offers from dealers save time and money.  With there is no need to wait for “auction day”.  Each vehicle can be listed and sold to the highest offer quickly.  No need to transport to the auction or recondition vehicles. is direct to dealer.  We skip the auction for you.