About us

The Easiest Way to Sell a Car™

LazyChimp.com is an innovative web start-up company connecting sellers with dealers.  Sellers can post a car, get multiple offers, and choose which offer to accept.  It makes car selling simple.

Our mission is to get rid of the hassle of selling your car yourself.  Our goal is to get you the highest and best offer for your car, without you ever leaving your driveway.

Traditional methods of selling a vehicle are tedious and sometimes can be dangerous.  Companies such as CarMax have capitalized on this. Although a great company and one of the few haggle free dealerships, they still work as a “broker” for buying your car.  Most dealerships including CarMax will wholesale / send to auction a car they buy as a trade-in or “off the street”.  Few cars they acquire through these methods end up being sold again on the same lot.  LazyChimp.com is different, our site takes your listing direct to the dealer so you get top dollar and avoid those low ball “broker” offers.

When selling a car you can sell by owner, direct to a dealer, or by trading your vehicle to a dealer for another car.  Assuming you want to bypass the hassle of selling your car by yourself, most sellers will drive to multiple dealerships to get offers or go to the dealership that has the vehicle they are looking to buy.  That dealer is not always the dealership that has the greatest demand for the car you are selling.

When a dealer purchases/trades in a vehicle they cannot sell,  most of the time it ends up at the auction.  There, other dealers come and pay more money for your car and the dealer that bought your car makes money on you when selling your car to another dealer.  Put that profit in your pocket.  Sell your car to the dealer that needs it and would have bought it at the auction from the dealer you would have sold it to.  Cut out the dealer and the auction.  You end up getting the best price for your car.

For example, you would not get as much money if you were to sell an Audi to a Toyota dealer.  It's much better to get offers for that Audi from multiple Audi dealers and see which one gives you the highest offer.

The offers you get from LazyChimp.com are not just the HIGHEST but also the BEST.  The best because if you are looking to buy another vehicle and your goal is to trade in, you can see offers from a dealer that has the car you are looking for, and those which have the highest need for the car you are trading in.  

For example, if you are looking to trade in your Toyota for a new Audi.  LazyChimp.com can get offers from multiple Audi dealers, and from their offers, you can see which Audi dealer has the highest demand for your used Toyota.  They will pay the most.  That dealer might be across the street from a Toyota dealership and so sells more used Toyota's compared to the other Audi dealers.  So you get the HIGHEST & BEST OFFER by using LazyChimp.com both when selling or trading in.

By reaching a wide demographic of dealers, we create the demand for your vehicle.  Dealers do not see other dealers bids like in a traditional auction setting, so the offers you receive will be their highest and best offers.

By answering basic questions, taking pictures, in total around 15 minutes of your time, we hope to get you multiple offers.  If you accept an offer, you get it in writing!!!

LazyChimp.com is a hassle-free, No cost website to sell your car on.

It does not have to be a low ball or wholesale price when selling to a dealer.