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How does this work?

  • When you list your vehicle on LazyChimp.com, we blast out your listing to all the dealerships looking to buy cars similar to yours.  Those dealers will then make you offers for your car through our site.  If you like an offer, you can accept it and redeem it at that dealership.  We think you will find the whole process hassle free and a new innovative way of selling your car.

How long does it take to list my car?

  • Once you are registered the actual listing process should take around 15 minutes.

Do I have to pay anything?

  • As a seller, its FREE to use LazyChimp.com, for dealers there is a $349 fee per successful transaction.

Do I get my offer in writing?

  • Yes ABSOLUTELY !!!

I am concerned a dealer will offer me a wholesale price?

  • That is not always the case.  Although trying to sell the car to another private party will get you more money, our service helps sell your car to the dealer who is looking for cars just like yours.  Some offers will be at or around wholesale price but other will be closer to a price you would sell to another private party for.

How long does the whole process take?

  • Once your listing is approved, dealers have 7 days to make offers, you can, however, accept an offer before the 7 day period has expired.  After the initial 7 days, you have 7 days to review all offers and accept the offer which best suits you.  Once you accept an offer you have 7 days to redeem it.  Think of it as 7/7/7.

I don't want to wait 7 days, can I accept an offer now?

  • Yes, you can accept any offer at any time.  Although we recommend waiting a few days before accepting an offer, you can accept an offer at any time.   Sometimes, you can sell your car within hours of listing it on LazyChimp.com.

Do you share my contact information with every dealer?

  • NO, we only share your contact information once you have accepted an offer.

Do I have to purchase another car?

  • No, you can choose to just sell your car hassle free.

Can I trade in my car and purchase another car from the dealership?

  • YES, and sometimes, you can get a tax credit when trading your vehicle in.  (ask dealer for details)  Every offer allows you to trade in your vehicle, some offers will state they are for TRADE IN ONLY.

How do I get offers?

  • You can have the offers sent via email or text message to you, after registering you will have the ability to choose how you want your offers by clicking the settings tab.

When I get an offer, how will I know which dealership it is?

  • Just like we protect your contact information, we don't share the dealership’s contact details until you have accepted an offer.  You will, however, see if they are a Franchise dealer i.e Ford, Toyota….., or you will see if they are an independent dealer or broker.  The offer will also show you how far that dealer from you.  

I only want a Free Custom For Sale Sign why do I have to agree to the terms as listed?

  • Even though you only want a Free Custom For Sale Sign you still have the opportunity to get offers from dealers at a later time if you should choose to.  You are welcome to get a Free For Sale and do nothing more but you must agree to the terms listed in case you choose to get offers later.

How do I get my vehicle listed on the For Sale by Owner site?

  • When you list your vehicle on LazyChimp.com, dealers have 7 days to make offers, you then have 7 days to review the offers and accept an offer.  If you decide not to accept any offers, after the expiration of your listing, we will give you the option to list your vehicle for sale on our For Sale By Owner site at no charge.

Can I list my vehicle on the For Sale by Owner site without getting offers?

  • No at this time we only offer our public For Sale by Owner website to our customers who use the EASIEST WAY TO SELL A CAR service.

Can I sell a vehicle for my business or company I work for?

  • Absolutely, just select the type of business or company you represent when registering.  We help a lot of companies sell their vehicles.  Some of the companies that do well with our site are General Businesses with company cars, Banks, Finance Companies, Fleet Management Companies, Government agencies, Insurance companies, Leasing Companies, Manufacturers, Rental Car Companies, and Repossession Companies.

Can I list my motorcycle or recreational vehicle?

  • No, not at this time but keep in touch, we have that in the works.

How does LazyChimp.com get me the HIGHEST & BEST Offer?

  • LazyChimp.com gets offers from multiple dealerships, there is no limit on how many dealers can make an offer.  That gives you the opportunity to sell to the dealer with the highest need for your vehicle.  For example, if you drive a Mercedes you are not going to get top dollar from a dealer that specializes in domestic cars such as Chevy or Ford.  Rather you will get the HIGHEST & BEST Offers from either a Mercedes dealer or a dealer that specializes in foreign cars.  We give you the opportunity to get offers from as wide a variety of dealerships as possible.

Using LazyChimp.com also gives you an advantage when trading in for a new vehicle.  Because you can see the type of dealer making the offer i.e Audi, Chevrolet, Toyota, you can choose to only accept an offer from the dealer with the new car you are looking for.  In most cases that can result in a tax credit towards your next purchase. (ask dealer for details)  

Do dealers see each other's offers?

  • No, they cannot.  That is why they have one shot at giving you their highest and best offer.

How do I get paid?

  • Dealers generally will issue you a bank draft, such as a check.  A Dealer will NOT pay you in cash.  As in any transaction, we recommend you use your judgment and caution when accepting any form of payment.  LazyChimp.com is not party to any transaction and does not verify any form of payment or funds availability in any transaction.

I have a loan on my vehicle, do I need to pay that off first before listing my vehicle?

  • No, a dealer can handle the payoff process for you.  If you owe more than your offer amount then you will need to pay the difference to the dealer.  If it is less than the offer amount then you will get that difference back from the dealer.  Again it's important to use caution when trusting any dealer to handle your loan payoff.    LazyChimp.com is not party to any transaction and does not verify any form of payment or funds availability in any transaction.

Do I have to drop off my vehicle or will the dealer pick it up?

  • When you get an offer,  the dealer will specify if you need to drop it off or if they will pick it up from you.  We recommend dropping off the vehicle and getting familiar with the dealership.

What is a “Hassle Rating”?

  • A Hassle Rating is our version of feedback.  The “Hassle Rating” shows how much “Hassle” sellers like yourself found it to sell their vehicle to a particular dealer.  Once you have redeemed your offer you too will get to provide feedback on your experience.

What if the dealer won't buy my car?

  • If you believe you have described your vehicle 100% accurately and the dealer is not interested in purchasing your vehicle after making an offer, email our support team right away, we have very strict rules regarding this and will help to solve any issues.  support@lazychimp.com

What are the terms on the offer sheet and what does it look like?

What will I need to bring when selling my car?

  • When selling your vehicle you will need: 
    • Vehicle Title(unless the title is with lienholder) If a previous lien on the title has been paid off, you will need both title and lien release documents.
    • State Issued registration
    • Valid Photo ID for ALL individuals on title
    • All Keys and remotes you have
    • If You still owe money on your vehicle, you will need the lienholders:
      • Telephone number
      • Account number
      • Social Security number of account holder
      • Current payoff amount

What else should I know?

  • Although we hope that all who come to or use LazyChimp.com will act honorably and treat each other fairly, we cannot verify the information that sellers supply or guarantee the vehicles they offer. Nor can we assure the seller of a vehicle that the payment he or she receives from the buyer is legitimate. When using the LazyChimp.com service to find a buyer for your vehicle or a vehicle to purchase, we urge you to use the same common sense and good judgment you would use in selling or buying a vehicle through, or responding to, a classified ad in the newspaper. There is no substitute for healthy skepticism and your own good judgment.  

How can I tell all my friends, coworkers, family members, and community how amazing this service is?

  • Well……….if you email us we will send you a little thank you LazyChimp.com license plate frame.  Oh, and putting us on Facebook would be super cool too.  Email us your mailing address to yourock@lazychimp.com

For personalized support, please email support@lazychimp.com

We respond to emails in less than 24 hours.