2005 Acura TL

Vehicle Detail

  • VIN: 19UUA65595A057287
  • Miles: 157,111
  • Transmission: Manual


  • Heated Seats
  • 6-cylinder
  • Leather Seats

Condition Report

  • Mileage: EXACT
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Carfax Report: YES
    • Accident
    • Major Repair
  • Vehicle has been in an accident: YES
    • Minor
  • Vehicle has dents and/or scratches: YES
    • Needs some minor paint touchup
    • There are minor dings and dents
    • The bumpers are cracked or scuffed up
    • There are a few rust spots
  • Vehicle is making odd noises: NO
  • Vehicle has warning lights: NO
  • Vehicle has excessive exhaust smoke: NO
  • Vehicle has leaks: NO
  • Vehicle has broken items: NO

Seller Comment

Carfax link: https://www.carfax.com/api/consumers/255949463/report/email/216354df3681997a11910f5e194648dec449d2b540b249ad8b3eb9651e374e1fc4c6bd22358fc463 Just repaired multiple mechanical parts on the car: * Recent brakes (all 4 wheels) * 2 new tires * new front tie rod * new battery and connector cables * parking brake fully serviced * headlight restoration Car runs well and is reliable. Some negatives: * Cracking on dashboard * Passenger side front window works but sometimes sticks (opens easily, sometimes needs multiple tries to close, but always closes) * Passenger side rear door lock usually opens/closes, but sometimes sticks (won't operate electrically, but always works mechanically) * Multiple paint scrapes, dings, chips. Scrape on driver-side rear (parking lot scrape from another driver that didn't leave a note). Also, one note about the accident history. The accident front-left was with a bicyclist who ran a stop sign and hit the car. Very minor damage that was repaired, but files police report over incident. The structural warning for the car was related to hitting a branch that fell across the street that punctured both front tires. There wasn't any significant damage, but because of the front wheels being impacted, it was registered with insurance as "structural" to cover it. That incident occurred over 6 years ago and there hasn't been any issue with the car.

Type of Seller: Individual

Price: $ 4,000

Contact email: bd-lazychimp@mozg.net

Overall Quality: 7/10

Condition Ratings

  • Overall Condition: OK for everyday use
  • How does it drive: Drives smooth and straight
  • Smell: Smells Great Like Me!