2002 Acura MDX NAVI

Vehicle Detail

  • VIN: 2HNYD18812H534060
  • Miles: Broken Odometer
  • Transmission: Automatic


  • Four or All-wheel Drive
  • Alloy Wheels
  • 6-cylinder
  • Leather Seats

Condition Report

  • Mileage: ESTIMATE (odometer broken, replaced, or altered)
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Carfax Report: YES
    • Accident
    • Odometer Rollback
    • Mechanical Issue
  • Vehicle has been in an accident: YES
    • Fender bender (very minor)
  • Vehicle has dents and/or scratches: YES
    • There are minor dings and dents
    • The windshield is chipped or cracked
    • The bumpers are cracked or scuffed up
  • Vehicle is making odd noises: NO
  • Vehicle has warning lights: NO
  • Vehicle has excessive exhaust smoke: NO
  • Vehicle has leaks: NO
  • Vehicle has broken items: YES
    • Air conditioning is not blowing cold
    • Some minor things don't work.

Seller Comment

The vehicle is good for someone who is great at fixing older Acura's or Honda Pilots (same components.) I've had it for two months and accidentally broke the radiator hose that runs across the latch area. Got it fixed but gets hot and burns antifreeze faster than usual (i just fill it). Catches pressure overtime so when the engine is cold I open the cap to release the pressure. Doesn't actually overheat just gets too much air in the radiator system. Not sure how to fix it. Other than that its a good truck for a responsible Teen going to college or fix up project. I've driven almost 2000 miles since I got it. Replaced rear tire, front brakes, added fuel injector to fix fuel system, added engine injector to fix noises. Im sure it can get to 300,000 with the right owner. Navigation doesn't work but can be fixed.

Type of Seller: Individual

Price: $ 1,500

Overall Quality: 6/10

Condition Ratings

  • Overall Condition: Will get the job done
  • How does it drive: Drives OK
  • Smell: Smells OK